Attn: tormach owners

Thanks to and more recently, @Zach_Kaplan and Inventables which allowed me to generate REAL money from my hobby, my journey in CNC machining continues. I just pulled the trigger on a TORMACH 440! ROAR!

So - if any current Tormach owners want to reach out with setup advice, tips, tricks or emoji-driven-high-fives, please do… because I sweated over this purchase for weeks. This will be the first machine that I did not personally build, modify, stretch to its limits, re-modify, yada yada.

I am excited… but feel like I need the kind of support that was available here from the legit O.G. at the Inventables Forum (NOT the weirdos who comment on every post even when they do not have correct answers. EVERY post - I definitely want to help YOU - but do not possess the appropriate degree or credentials).

There are several forums - but which is the best?


I like CNCZone, there is a lot of good info there…a lot of crap to wade through as well :slight_smile:


not a forum not all tormach but has some good info


Nice @Earwigger! Wow you gotta post pics when that baby comes in.

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Just visited - had to have them reset my past word. My last post there was: Never. I must have joined six or seven years ago and never gone back. Suddenly, the posts make sense now. :slight_smile:

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