Auburn Logo in MDF

I sent my son off to Auburn last week, So I made this to remind me where to send the checks.

I was really surprised by how well the MDF carved.


Well done! That makes me think that I should add a sign for my alma mater to my list of things to cut once the x-carve is here!

Are you going to paint it?

Yes, but I am not happy with how it turned out. I put a coat of sealer on the MDF first but the paint still got sucked into the MDF. I need to put another coat of paint on it.

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Looks fantastic. You start sending check, this is only beginning. My son is 34 years old, I’m still paying his education payments. He does what, grandsons. :smile:

Oh I know. Sent my oldest daughter to Ga Tech, She just told me she was starting a college fund for my grandson. And I still have one daughter at home that told me last week she thinks Cambridge seems like a nice college.

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God bless you man. Good luck. Most of all, if you have kid willing to go up always, taking all necessary steps to seek higher education always pays all these hard times. Feeling is good, budget is death man walking :smile:

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Was that done in easel? Which bits did you use?

When I use MDF, after I cut I put two coats of this on to seal it. Works well to keep the paint from bleeding.

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I used Vcarve, with a .125 endmill to cut the profile and a 6mm endmill for the pockets. But there is no reason that Easel could not do the same thing. Here is the SVG I exported from Vcarve.

This was sealed with two coats of the glue, the black was painted with a brush…then a quick sanding to get the excess off. There is no bleeding and the lines are nice and crisp.

@ErikJenkins what if you needed color instead of bare wood as your background as the OP?

I am actually going to be adding white to this one. I will sand one more time (get rid of the dirty fingerprints on the left side) re-seal the MDF with a couple of coats of polyurethane then a couple of quick coats of white. With the polyurethane I should be able to brush on the paint and use a cotton swab to remove any white I get in the carved areas. I will just have to be careful.

I have experimented with BIN Shellac Based Primer and had decent success as a primer / sealer on a recent project. The Glue sealer is on my list of test procedures as well.

I like the glue sealer, I have been using it for a few years on MDF. The stuff I use is sold as a jigsaw puzzle sealer for finishing puzzles to hang.

I ordered Gallon size from S&S Int. with your recommendation as soon as I read your post. That’s always I’m after. Doing job is no problem, my problem starts when I’m finishing. Crab, I waste hours and hours job sometimes. If this glue doesn’t work, I’ll hire some one to do it. :slight_smile:

I hope it works as well for you as it does for me :smile:

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I know you said you had problems with the paint soaking in. I know when I have used MDF before it does really well with acrylic paint.

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I think you are correct, others have also told me acrylic paint does much better. Next time I will try that.

A friend saw my Auburn logo and asked me to make her one. She did a much better job of finishing it


That looks great!