Auto rounding

Is there a way to disable the “auto rounding” feature in Easel. For example, if I enter a part that is 4.3125" x 10.4375" I get a part that is 4.313 x 10.438. Now i totally understand that I am only increasing the size by .0005" and it is woodworking not metallurgy, but it just seems to me that I should be able to input the exact dimension I want and not have it rounded up. I did call the Help Desk and I was told that "Auto Rounding is just the way the app is designed’. I get it. I worked in IT for 30 years and the Banks I worked for didn’t appreciate “auto rounding” in their account software. So auto rounding is something that I find a bit troublesome.

I agree, they should implement a character limit instead. However, I don’t know of an easy way to do that within Javascript. I mean they could just limit decimal places and create a notification that says “too many decimal places, limit data to only 3 decimal places” and fault out, requiring the user to re-type their data and modify it on their end. Which kinda reduces the ease of use of the software and doesn’t really fix your concern.

You may be (not so pleasantly) surprised to know that Easel also doesn’t support Arcs commands, for example if you draw a circle, it may appear as a circle in the design screen, but the toolpath Easel will make is actually a segmented polygon with the angles and straights all WITHIN the circle, often reducing the size even further than your rounding concern (depending on overall size of the shape)…

I presume that both rounding and not supporting arcs are both in place to limit computational requirements since the toolpath calculations occur on the users PC and using processes that reduce the load on the users PC means that more users would have the ability to use Easel even on PC’s with lower spec’ed components.

I guess what I’m getting at is I doubt you’ll see a change to rounding without Easel completely changing their software model.

Oh and you probably don’t want to use metric on Easel because the degree of rounding is actually larger with a limit of only one decimal place.

Hi Seth. Yep I knew about the nonsupport of Arc commands. I experience this every time I make wheels with inner rims for wood toys. There are some things that i can live with and have adapted to . .like the Arc issue . .If it’s critical for me, I use Vectric and get what I need. With the rounding, I could also import the image into Vectric and, again, get the lever of accuracy I want but I already have the mages in Easel and didn’t want to putz with them more than necessary. The more I use Easel, the more I don’t understand the mentality of the company. It has the potential to be a really good product and provide ease of use but as someone uses it more and more, the lack of sophistication is a glaring red flag. anyway, thank you for the quick reply. It is truly appreciated.

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