Auto Router Switch not working

Hopefully someone can help out an oldie. I set up the router to automatically switch on & off via a SSR relay and it has been working great for almost a year but now its decided stop! I have checked the voltage, via a multimeter, on the rear of the X-Controller but it appears I’m only getting 0.5v… Is this an internal fault on the controller or is it a software problem. I remember that I had to change one of the codes but fr the life of me I cnnot remember what I had to do/done.
Can one of you X-Carve techno wizards help me out?

In Easel go to Machine>Edit Machine
and in there ensure the settings are:
Spindle Control: Hardware
Spindle Type: Other
Then save and exit that page

Then Press Crtl+Shift+D
scroll to the bottom of that page and see what $30 says.
If this value is above 1, scroll back to the top and in the console area send the command:
then press enter key.

Also verify that $32=0
if it doesn’t make the same change by entering the value above.

This should fix the output power to be 10V when the spindle is turned on in the carve sequence.