AutoDesk has discontinued ARTCAM

What in the world is AutoDesk doing? They just purchased ARTCAM two years ago and now they are discontinuing it.
Is there any chance they will be including ArtCam with Fusion 360?

On February 7, 2018, Autodesk discontinued the sale of new subscriptions of Autodesk ArtCAM® software.

As of February 7, 2018, Autodesk will officially discontinue ArtCAM as an individual product. As of that date, there will not be any further releases or development for ArtCAM and product updates will no longer be delivered.

Customers who have an active ArtCAM subscription can continue to renew until July 7, 2018.

they may be planning on bringing ArtCAm features into fusion… to place them up against Vetric and Aspire?

That is what I am hoping, imagine the CAD functions of Fusion 360 combined with the super easy to create toolpaths of ArtCam.

Aspire might be similar to ArtCAM Standard or ArtCAM Insignia (if you exclude engraving), but it does not compare to ArtCAM Premium or ArtCAM Pro. This misinformation has been circulating for years! I really do hope that Autodesk are planning to give life to ArtCAM’s functionality in Fusion 360 (or any other Autodesk product) now that they’ve executed ArtCAM.

AutoDesk seems to be in the business of killing products now.

From the site CAD Nauseam

"Autodesk kills new products, old products, cloud products, desktop products, mobile products, free products, paid products, full products, add-on products, large products, small products, products that were bought just to kill off for anti-competitive reasons, products that have been ignored to death, and products that Autodesk hyped to the heavens as the best thing ever and if you didn’t get on board you’d be left behind with all the other Luddites and look silly and old-fashioned as your competitors strode off arm-in-arm with Autodesk into a wonderful bright future.

You name it, Autodesk has killed it. It would seem that almost nothing is safe"

They even provide a handy list of all the products that AutoDesk has killed