Autodesk Inventor 2016 Help

Hey all,

I am new to Autodesk Inventor and have done some tinkering with it to get down some of the basic concepts. I am currently designing something and was wondering if anyone had experience with it and had a few minutes to help me with something?

In the picture below, I have that gray piece that I want to insert in to the side pieces where there are slots (above the dowels). Note, I didn’t draw the bottom slots yet, but the concept will be the same. It should be constrained to be inserted in to the slot and then constrained to drop down slightly to lock.

Any help would be appreciated. I hope I explained it correctly. Thanks!

You would just need a couple simple mate constraints and you’ll be good to go. I could do a quick screen cast once I get to work in the morning if you’re still having troubles!


If you have a few, I’d love some help. I get the mate thing, etc, but am having trouble with multiple mate constraints and getting everything to align properly. The mate constraint I did for the dowels was easy, but for some reason, this one is proving to be a little trickier than I had anticipated.


Here is a quick screencast of a similar set up. Note, I’m using Inventor 2015, but the concept should be the exact same.

P.S. @paulkaplan, how does one go about embedding videos from sites other than Youtube?

Awesome! That helped quite a bit. I am getting closer.

Once you did the final mating to the face of the side, are you able to move it anymore? Once I did that, I was unable to move it anymore. It should be able to be lifted up slightly to fill the empty space of the slot above it. It isn’t a big deal, but was just curious.

Thanks again!

With the three constraints shown you won’t be able to move the part anymore. If you wanted the tab to be up a bit you could put an offset in your mate for the direction. The only problem with that would be that that wouldn’t work in reality (what is holding it up against gravity?).

I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding the question, or possibly I’ve drawn the slot/tab differently. I hope this helps though!