AutoDesk inventor

Got a buddy who has 3 licenses for autodesk inventor. Anybody have any experience with this software, and is it worth using it? He said he would hook me up for free, but I’m not sure how steep the learning curve is

I use it every day for work. If you have an opportunity to get a license for free take it! I know I would, that license is worth about $5000.

It does have a pretty steep learning curve, I’ve been using it for 7 years and I’m still learning new was to use it/do things. But once you get it, it’s great.

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free? = take it LOL
for sure, if you up to learning some new staff (and you are, just because you here), you should get it

If it’s free, it’s for me, I’ll take three!

The only thing I would have your buddy check on is the fine print of the license. VCarve/ products come with a license that allow you to install their software on up to 3 PCs. The fine print though insists that the 3 PCs must belong to the same owner of the license, and only one PC can be used at a time. I take advantage of that as I live alone and have one PC in my office, one at my CNC Shark, and another that is now running my X-Carve. I’m not allowed to let anyone else use my licensed copy at the same time I’m using it on another PC even if they are in my house.

Autodesk’s license may be different, but I highly recommend you have him check.