Automatic Spindle On Not working as Pre-Carve setup Step


So, during a carve today, XCP struggled to cut a particular spot (probably there was a knot on the wood layer, not sure), gargled a while, so I hit Stop to get it back to X Y 0 0.

Prepped the machine again for a re-carve and the automatic spindle on step during pre-carve setup is faltering - spindle is not turning on.

Did the following:

  1. Turned XCP on/off
  2. Turned laptop on/off
  3. Took bit off Collet and put it back in
  4. Unplugged/plugged the spindle cable

No luck on all the above steps.

What should be my next troubleshooting steps?


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Unplug the power cable and leave it unplugged for about 10-15 minites before plugging back in and the spindle should work again.

This is a known, and apparently acceptable, issue with thw curent VFD setup :man_shrugging:

The main power to XCP computer, right?

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The cord from the cnc into the wall.

Thanks @SethCNC. That worked.


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