Automatic Tool Changer

It’s been awhile since I’ve been around, hell its been awhile since I’ve used my machine.

A while back I bought a ATC for my machine and this week I got around to getting it hooked up. I’m not completely finished, I have run out of relays and need to replace one with a double pull double throw and then I’ll have the blow function working.

The ATC came from Usovo and is connected to a 1.5kw wc spindle. I’m still comissioning it but so far it’s looking good. I haven’t seen anyone else post something like it in a while so I thought I would share.



Very cool.

How are the tool changes incorporated into the Gcode? Do you know if Fusion 360 is capable of adding tool changes in CAM?

I personally do not have a run of experience in Fusion, I use v-cave pro for most of my work. But I have read over on the fusion forums that it will do ATC, it just depends on the post processor that it used. I use a Planet-CNC controller that uses standard g-code(no grbl).

Fusion will add the tool change command. You could write a post processor to handle the ATC, use a sender that takes care of it, or hand edit the code to do it.

Wow, keep us posted with a short video when operational.

Yea super cool! Did the spindle come with it? Is it a water cooled spindle with a VFD?

Hey Zach, it is a water cooled spindle 1.5kw with a VFD. The ATC was purchased separately and installed on the spindle. I’m still in the process of comissioning it and I will post a video once it’s running.


Very impressive!

Any issue with the mount being so much higher than the tool changer?

What ever happened with this?