Available Tool Bits

Hi folks, I imagine this is a rudimentary question. I’m in my project in Easel and want to try a different finishing bit. I click on finishing bit, and just one bit shows up, which happens to be a ballnose. When I click on + Add a bit, an array of other bits comes up and it allows me to create something there (I created a 90 Deg V-bit). After closing that window, I’m still left with the single ballnose to choose from. I’ve tried checking the selection boxes in the Add-a-bit window, but the only available action is to Delete, which I’m not looking to do. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Easel only allows the use of ball bits as the finishing bit within the 3d workspace.
Endmills only can be selected as roughing for 3d.

In the 2.5D workspace (before importing a STL) the user can only use endmills and V-Bits, ball bits cannot be selected here.

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