Awesome build experiance

When I first looked at all the parts and all the little plastic bags of parts, I must say I was a bit hesitant. However, once I put my mind to it I found the build to be exciting and educating. The instruction manual is very well laid out. If I may suggest to guys and gals thinking of ordering the X-Carve, don’t skimp out by not adding homing switches and the Z probe kit. These items are essential as I learned when I built my CNC Plasma table. I only had one hick up when running through the homing sequence when setting up the X-Carve. The Z homing switch didn’t home the Z axis leaving the motor running. To fix this I taped a trim end from a plastic tie down on the top of the Z bracket. That gave it just the right height for the homing switch to make correct contact and home the Z. I am loving this machine already and looking forward to some awesome carves. :slight_smile: