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Axis motors wont budge!

Cant get the axis stepper motors to budge at all…
Help please and Thanks !
Sainsmart 3018 PROver

What does this error code mean: * G91 G21 G0 X1.0000

Need more input.

The error code you speak of is a gcode motion command, not an error code.

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That code is telling the machine to move in metric ( g21) 1 mm on the x axis in a positive direction from its current position ( g91). Check which post processor you are using as GRBL understands some but not all Gcodes that are possible.

GRBL G-Code Definitions - Carbide 3D

Seems there is a conflict between the control board and my desktop. When I unplug or plug back in; there is an audible beep or what have you that sounds. So, that leads me to think that the issue resides on my desktop.(?)
I am not an expert by any means and need some direction as to where to look for a solution; be it software and/or hardware.
I am thinking software issue, but not sure.
Thanks for any help offered.

Hi Robert, there’s a whole community of like 17,500 members in the SainSmart Facebook group who would have you up and running, or troubleshot to the issue that needs replaced/repaired in probably about an hour over here: SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Users Group

That said, is this your first operation of the 3018, and it’s through Easel? or have you already setup with candle and been able to manually run it?

James Dean Designs on YouTube is another Great source of info for 3018 initial setup for your reference here is the playlist on 3018: 3018 PRO CNC Build - YouTube

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