Aztec calendar Gcode

does anyone have a G code for a large (24 inch) Aztec Calander that they are will to sell or share? I tried different SVG’S, Even bought a few from ETSY, but none of them will carve… I only have Easel

I have it but haven’t carved it yet. My plan was to carve it on one of those 24" round glue-up tabletops from Menards. I located the center of the SVG file at X=0,Y=0. I covered 270 degrees of the SVG with blocks set to 0" depth and then created a G-Code file of what was left using Machine ->Advanced->Generate G Code. I moved the 0" depth blocks to another quadrant and did it again. This created four G-Code files. I’d be glad to share them with you. Message me and I can link the files to you.

Never run someone else’s gcode. ever.
The calendar file is pretty intricate, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Easel simply can’t handle it.

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I agree about not running someone else’s G-Code, which is why I included instructions on how I generated it…but I guess I neglected warning him that it shouldn’t be done.

That said, I’d probably try to run someone else’s G-Code myself…after first doing a dry run without a bit or material first.