Aztec Star Wars dial

carved in mdf and finished to look like aged copper, 600mmX600mm


That is awesome. Did you design this? I would kill for that file to carve.

the original image used isn’t mine but I did create the .dfx file and heavily edited it to make it work better for carving

have added file to projects


I have posted the .dfx file to several cnc facebook groups over the last few weeks so I’m not surprised

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Where in projects? I might give this a try :smiley:

EDIT: Nvm They really need a search feature in projects, lol. thanks!

Where did you finally find the file? I am still looking…LOL

Wow! Hard to believe that that is MDF!

There is a search feature - sort of… Just open "All Projects"and give it a moment to load and then go to the browser’s menu bar - edit - find or find in page. Type “star wars” in the find box.


Wicked great Job

have done a normal Aztec dial as well but got the aged copper efect just right this time


Awesome!!! Im gonna make one even though I keep telling myself Im goning to get away from making round things. They call to me I guess

Thank you. I was searching in the Forum Projects section and not in the Project area you posted.

if you guys make one can you post a pic here, am interested to see the end results

How did you go about the finishing ? Curious as to how you achieved the 2 tone effect.

That is incredible!

how was this painted?

here’s another color

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started by painting it black then went over it with the copper paint, then used the patina effect solution

My first attempt. Im not 100% happy with it. My z clearance was set to .001" which caused the bit to drag, making the crossing lines. Also have some chip out. Maybe Im too picky. Any suggestions on how I should prep the MDF before cutting.

I got a little chip out too, but seems the deeper its carved in one pass the less chip out there is, I set my depth at 5mm but think I might try 6 next time