Aztec/Starwars Dial

Read lots of posts but don’t see if anyone has cut one of these using F Engrave.

There is a huge post on this.

You could have posted there about using F-Engrave.

Sorry, I misunderstood your post. I read the post you are talking about. Didn’t see anything in there about anyone using F Engrave. You’re right it was a huge post. I guess I broke proper etiquette by asking in a new thread. Sorry

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No problem they even talk about painting/finishing it too.

I may give it a go… after I’m done with time out


Several questions.

I know this dial is a huge file. It took F-Engrave 20 minutes to load the file, an hour and a half to calculate the vcarve. Now it’s rerouting loops, (whatever that means) and has been for 3 hours. I’ll let that thing reroute loops all night if that’s what it takes. Does seem right, time wise?

Is there any chance easel will run this g-code? I’ll get picsender or ugs if needed. (I’ve looked at picsender but not ugs, yet)

Do feed rates and DOC settings in picsender/ugs supercede the settings in F Engrave?

No one should reply unless certain I’m allowed out of corner. And for the record, while no one was looking, I was playing with my CNC. It’s in the corner I went to!

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I don’t know about f-engrave, but V-carve pro loads it in a second and takes maybe 30 seconds computing toolpaths. What pc are you using?

I’m using a not-so-expensive laptop, though it is new and does have Windows 10 on it. I don’t recall the specs in ram or speed, but it’s been ample so far.

I have no doubt VCarve Desktop is worth every penny, and intend to buy as soon as possible, (like right after the real boss gives me the go-ahead)


You are correct, sir! You must be an inductee.