Baby Groot!

Here’s a sample 3d carve I made to test out some new tapered ball nose bits .


That’s pretty neat.

That’s the one.

Did I miss something?

Ah. Smear me on and lather me up to tighten me down.

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I have a sad/funny story about blue loctite.

A friend at work bought her son a robot for christmas that he wanted. Although it did say assembly required, they did not know that it came in 1014 pieces! So I said I would be happy to put it together.

Well I did some googling and found out the biggest issue with the robot was that it would eventually work itself apart from all the movement.

So I decided that I would blue loctite all the screws to make it less susceptible to coming apart. Well what I did not account for was that the plastic the robot is made of does not play well with blue loctite and the next day all the parts I put together crumbled when touched!

Now looking online again due to my error to find a replacement, this “toy” runs about $150.00 on average if you can find it. Ok, so I contacted the manufacture and found out you can order parts for it. Three months later I have the parts and now I have to get the toy together.

No good deed goes unpunished!

Touché !

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