Bad Carving, what the heck is going on

I tried to carve the Celtic Sun from the projects forum and it went really badly. Here is an easel link

The attached photo shows the results. I have tried to calibrate to the best of my ability and simple carves look OK.

I do not know where to go, belts, v-wheels, machine squareness, calibration, or yep, do all of that. I am hoping someone can give me an idea of most likely what is going on. I do know that my belt on the Y axis is not as tight as I have seen suggested. If I pull out the fish scale and set it for 3.5 lbs at one inch, the left side of the gantry will not move and I have to loosen it to about 2 lbs.

Any help or advice is appreciated.


How tight are the vwheels? The belts should be at the same tension. If one side won’t move after tensioner to 3.5 mg first thought is the vwheels on that side may be tight.

General rule seems to be that you can’t move them with 1 finger but you can with 2.

Your router / bit may not be true 90deg perpendicular to the waste board, looks like you have some “steps” showing on the walls. So when you got deeper the force made the machine to loose motor steps causing the “derailing” from track.