Bad cuts. What’s the cause? Help please

Processing: 973CBE29-A102-486B-B1C0-DD5318AA1418.jpeg…
Processing: 8A789406-1D9A-404D-BB93-C28FA05CA412.jpeg…
Processing: 0D511028-7D55-4E2B-B7A7-C54A4DDB7583.jpeg…
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I made my first cut the other day and it came out great. Tried to do something a little more complex and the cut came out horrible. I’m cutting in plywood. The attached pictures show my design, how the cut turned out, and the spindle/bit settings. Can somebody tell me how this happened and how to prevent it from happening again? Was my feed too fast? Do I maybe have some screws loose? Any thoughts would help.

It looks like your images are not actually visible, at least not to me.


Brandon Parker

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sign problems 3

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thanks for letting me know. They should be visible now.

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Personally I wouldn’t run a stepover higher than 45% … because then the wood is engaging the trailing side of the bit.

That and its a fairly standard practice to run 0.5 times bit diameter = depth per pass and your going a bit further than that.

What does the vcarve simulation look like?

And 175 in/min to boot.
The carve being in plywood does not help either.
Looks like it missed steps.

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