Bad Motor?

OK, I’ve got something weird going on. When I went to make a tool change with the x-carve on, the Y1 axis slid about 4 steps. I tried reconnecting everything, checked each motor separately etc. It’s wired correctly. When I cut the power, that motor goes back to where it should be. Say I moved it two steps, it goes back to where it was when I turn it off. Bad motor? or is there something I should be checking?

The motors don’t hold when not under power.
You may have something out of square. Your motor is most likely just fine.

I’m talking about while under power, the one side will slip a couple of steps with slight pressure. When I cut the power it goes back to where it was. it’s cutting just fine though.

  • Verify that each Y-stepper actually turn when commanded, it can happen that only one work and the other is trailing.
  • Make sure your GRBL parameter $1=255 (Always full current, maximum holding torque)
  • Open up your Xcontroller, locate the three red switch blocks, set each switch #4 to OFF
  • Dont man-handle the router :wink:

Thank you for the reply Haldor, found the problem after work, bad stepper board. I was checking the motors again having one at a time disconnected and resetting the wires when the x-controller started smelling electrical. Bad stepper controller. Inventables was awesome and is overnighting me a new board. I had read early on not to ‘man-handle’ the board and I haven’t.

Be sure not to connect or disconnect a stepper while your board is powered… That had the potential to damage a driver.