Bad power supply?

No DC power output off of power supply fan comes on and it gets warm but nada

Is that the power coming in to the power supply interface (PSI) and then the PSI is plugged into the power supply?

If so, then to properly test just the power supply you should unplug the PSI and wire the AC power directly to the power supply before testing the DC output. If you don’t get DC power then, you’ll know it’s a power supply problem. If you do get 25VDC then you know it’s either a bad PSI or you didn’t have the PSI properly plugged into the power supply.

Your voltmeter is set to the wrong setting, you are in AC(sine wave) you need to click it up to the DC(straight line).


No power coming out of school output

That’s .2 v . No power at g shield so traced it back to power supply nothing. Have projects no tool😢

Joe Meyer you are correct, I wired the power supply direct and the light came on and the power supply stayed cool, put on the PSI and the power supply got warm and the light didn’t come on. Need to call Sam for a new PSI. I think

Got the new PSI, machine working great now.
If the light doesn’t come on and the power supply gets warm and no wires are connected the psi board might be bad

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Yup just had the same issue, they sent me a new PS but didn’t include the new circuit board… frustrating! finished my build and now i can’t get it working :frowning:

Anyway, support has been very helpful and is shipping me a replacement… but that means i can’t play with it till i get the PSI :frowning:


I wanted to give you an update. We got the returned PCBA and did an analysis on it.

I found that DC+ was hard shorted to DC-. I suspected a failed component and clipped them out one at a time, but the short never went away.

I then noticed a tiny piece of copper connecting a pin to the ground plane. I scrapped it away and the short went away. It appears to have been a manufacturing defect on the base PCB.

I will be talking to our PCB supplier about this and how it slipped through. Thanks for sending back the defective PCBA.