Bad stepper?

Has anyone ever seen a stepper go bad and loose steps? I know that sounds obvious but I was running a v-carve when about halfway through it started plunging about .125” deeper than it should , my machine is solid everything is tight from the pulley on the acme rod down , all v-wheels everything when the carve is done it seems to be returning back to zero which tells me it’s not loosing steps in the actual mechanical system it has to either be the stepper or the driver…

I have heard/seen steppers had their shaft break. Unlikely event but not unheard of.
I would however direct you towards the wires, if one wire is poor/broken the motor will still spin but direction will be random.

I will check the plugs I have the new x carvecwith plug in steppers.

Definitely check the Z motor wire, I’ve had mine wiggle loose on one side of the plug before.

All the wiring is good I just double checked everything

Yea I have a shop vac that I use to clean up as it cuts , what’s strange is when I’m standing over it it’s works fine, but when I leave the shop is when it happens and there’s nothing but the machine running when I leave not even lights, I swear that machine thinks it needs an audience ! , I found that I left a thumb drive plugged in when I left it on that last carve , I re ran the whole thing again today and sat in the shop for 5 hours and it turned out fine …