Ball nose bit not showing up on bit menu

Newbie here. I cant find a bit I created/entered. I’m trying to add a dish bit I bought on Amazon. It’s cutting diameter is 3/4. I went into the Add Bit menu, entered all of the info and saved it. When I go back out to the Bit Menu, there are no Ball Nose bits listed. Even the stock one I bought isn’t listed. I logged out, restarted, etc. No luck.


do you have pro? I believe you need to Easel and put it as an end mill. easel ball nose as a second bit/cutter for STL finishing pass for 3d.

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Yeah I have a Pro account. I wanted to test run a simple tray with the bowl bit. Are you saying enter it as an End Mill type bit?

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Ball bits are only selectable within the 3d workspace as a finishing bit ONLY. . Not selectable at all for 2.5d uses.

If you want to use in 2.5d workspace youd have to enter it as an endmill.

Oh I see. So what type of end mill would you suggest for a bowl and tray 3/4 bit? Straight cut?

This is the one I have -

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The sub-type doesnt actually change anything in easel, its more for users keeping track of custom cut settings for different bits,… so yeah. Any sub-type will work fine, but id pick straight…

If youre making bowls with that, youll need to lower the stepover amount to not have the radiuses show up, to reduce stepover go to machine>general settings and reduce the default 40% to like 25% …

And youll have to do this for every project yoh use it on.

OK awesome. I’ll give it a whirl. Thank you!

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