Ball nose bits?

Is it possible to use something like this for larger 3d contours? I’m thinking like the butt grooves on a chair seat.

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Certainly, yes.

You will need to consider the stepover setting for the scallops itll produce and whether of not you want a faster cnc job and some sanding… or a longer job (using a smaller stepover) and thus less sanding work…
But the bit itself will work fine in Easel 3d side :+1:

Ok. Great. That’s all I need to give it a shout. I’ll report back with findings. Thanks.

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Yes I just used a 3/4” bowl bit. Not sure how you’d do it with easel/easel pro since their custom bit stuff is lacking, but I use fusion 360 with the exact settings from Amana’s import file for f360.

See results…