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Bamboo best way to finish

I have a bamboo cutting board with laser engraving. It’s a gift from the builder of the house my sister just bought. They didn’t carve the owner’s names in the board and she want’s me to do this. Going to use 90 deg V bit and was wondering how to finish the board. Paint? Colored Epoxy? or just leave plain. Not sure if it needs to be sealed first or what, haven’t worked with much bamboo.

Thanks for any help.

I have never worked with Bamboo. I think I would use a sanding prep first. I would sand it very lightly with1200 higher sanding paper, only enough to get any nubs removed after using the sanding prep. I would spray it with Polyurethane or Lacquer, your preference. Let it dry well. As it is drying, check for any drying areas. if you are seeing any spray lightly on those spots. Allow to dry and sand very lightly again, to remove any tiny flaws. Spray again and you may need to repeat this step again. The Polyurethane comes in Glossy, Flat and Matt. I hope this may be of some help. Others may know a lot more than I do.

If it is a cutting board that is intended for use coat it with mineral oil or cutting board oil. They are both food safe. The mineral oil is a lot cheaper.

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It’s just going to be hung on the wall. What I really wanted to know is after I V-carve the names I want to paint them black so they stand out. Bamboo being porous is the question and how do I paint the letters without bleed out?

Use oramask and then after you carve apply shellac to the carved areas to seal it. That way the paint will not bleed


Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

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I have only worked with IKEA bamboo cutting boards and the bleed was minimal/almost non-existent when I epoxy-filled them. But they are perhaps treated in some way already?

But paint would probably bleed more than epoxy would.

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Ok finished product. I carved the names the rest was already engraved. 90 deg V-bit used then blue painters tape to box out the letters. 2 coats of Semi-Gloss Poly, pulled off the tape then hand painted the letters with black acrylic waited to dry then sanded with 220 grit. Finished off with a couple coats of Salad Bowl Finish. Done Deal.


Super nice.

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Thanks Wayne


sanding sealer is the way to go , two coates then your paint , sand the whole board gtting rid of any suplus pait then your finishing coat {clear}

Very well done.

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