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New to the X Carve and this community. MY nephew has a Bday coming up and I would love to carve his name in a small baseball bat. Any idea how to get Easel to follow the curve of the bat? Will this work if I create and STL file? Any advice would be appreciated.

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I have never done this, and just finished putting my X-Carve Pro together in the past few days, but here’s my initial take.

Without a rotating apparatus for the bat, I think you would need to do a 3D carve. That means you would first need to create the STL (outside of Easel and then import it) with the name wrapped on the top of a cylinder that represents the curvature of the bat. When you Z probe, you probe to the top surface of the bat.

The X-Carve will initially “carve” air for the parts of the bat that are down the sides, but eventually will hit the wood of the bat. You would need to make sure the curvature of the model and the bat match exactly and the bat is lined up with the machine perfectly. You also need to make sure the topmost surface is LEVEL.

Also, be aware that the engrave will be done straight down, and will only be perpendicular to the topmost surface of the bat. If you want the name engraved big and bold, this might be a problem. If the name is not too tall, it will probably look ok.

Thanks for the advice Gary. I use Rhino 3D to make all my models. That being said, I think it will be a lot of trial runs to get tonperfecrion and even then, without a rotstiing spindle, I won’t have the full effect. I think my solution will be to shave a flat plane on the bat and carve on that surface.

Thanks again for the advice.

The simple method is to carve into the bat a deep, like this.

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ok./ Still make sure that the bat is level on the surface of the bed. A typical bat will be taller on the meat end and lower down near the handle. So you may need to use some playdough or something down near the handle to prop it up a bit

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