Bathroom PSA Sign for my Kids

My wife requested a very specific sign for my daughters bathroom wall.

She informs me that there are more to be carved, relating to washing hands etc. lol


I really like this, so random but fun.

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Nice job. We just redid both of our bathrooms and 1 week later my wife had me making small signs for both of them. Not sure what is wrong with a bare wall but what do i know i am a man.

The bathroom in our master bedroom is my domain, Bare walls and toiletries on the vanity, she says it looks and smells like a truck stop bathroom…she says the bare walls are the main factor in this lol. I told her I’ll fill my walls with carved out swear words and profanity in graffiti fonts , that should help complete the truck stop look…She looked unimpressed lol

or you can just invite all of us over, we’ll get drunk and write all kinds of sh*t all over your walls for free :wink: lol
just thinking about saving your machine and bits for you, less wear and tear…lol


Then it would look like a truck stop bathroom.

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cool sign, where’d you find the swooping arrow?


What bits did you use?

90 degree vbit for the words and to run a chamfered edge around the arrow, then I cut out the arrow using a .30 straight bit cut on the outside (to retain the chamfered edge)

VERY funny…
I like it.

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