Bathtub Tray File

Does anyone here have a simple bathtub tray file on Easel that they wouldn’t mind sharing? My wife’s birthday is coming up, and I thought this might be something nice to make for her. If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, it’s simply a 1x10 that goes across the bath and has pockets for small candles, a tablet, and a slot for a wine glass. I am not opposed to making my own. I just wanted to see what type of unique designs people have come up with. Thanks in advance!

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Very considerate of you.
Its like you said: very simple. Just measure the items that need to fit and work it up in easel. Also will depend on your tub.

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I’m working something up now and will post it when it’s finished. Hopefully it isn’t too bad. Maybe others can get some use out of it.

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Do you guys think 1/4" is too deep for the tablet pocket, or will that work? I don’t want it to be top heavy. The tablet has about 1/2" from the edge of the tablet to the bottom of the viewable screen.

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can you post a pic? i dont use social media anymore. (except Inventables)

I had a busy weekend, so I am just now getting around to sharing this. It’s nothing spectacular, but my limited design abilities came up with this. I’ll have to zero out the writing and use the 1/8 bit for the circles and wine glass slot. Then, I’ll zero everything else out and v-carve the writing. If I use the v-bit for the detail pass, it will try to cut the wine glass slot and create havoc. Here’s the link. Let me know if you guys have suggestions. I haven’t messed with the speeds yet.

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April Wilkerson recently did one on her channel

Here is the link to her channel

Found the link

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I created this a while ago in Fusion 360 and never actually made one. You’re welcome to it.

The first workpiece is the main shape of the caddy. The second workpiece is the saying / decoration using a V bit.

I finally got around to making the tray. I decided to remove the large circle on the left side of the file I shared. I figured a drink could still be put there regardless. It’s a “less is more” approach. I’ve attached some pictures. The wood is the cheap knotty pine you can buy at Lowe’s or Home Depot. It’s a 1x10 board cut to 38" long
(we have a big tub) and it’s stained with a dark walnut stain. I bought some metal cabinet handles to make picking it up easier. I finished it with Helmsman spar urethane just in case it comes into contact with water.