Batman Carving Idea for a Friend

Howdy all!

I come here all the time and get inspired by what you all are doing, so I thought I’d return the favor and share out my current project. This is carved into MDF for now just to see what it’ll look like. I might decide to cut it into some “real” wood if my buddy likes it.

He’s a Batman fan and wanted something unique for his display area. I wanted to experiment with some line art that used negative space just to see what it would turn out like. I’ll post some pics of the finished project soon.


That’s freakin sweet!!!

Cool! Maybe you could add some half toning for the complete comic look.

That looks awsome

That looks great Kris. Bet it will look even better in some real wood! Just an idea for you: have you ever used a scroll saw? They are really good for this type of line-work art, but they are a bit more time-intensive. The great thing about it though is you can stack cut up to three or four at a time! Then you sell or give 'em away, and keep one for yourself.

Here’s a couple more ideas for you. The black background is black vinyl.


if you want some great black white comic book drawings only one name to look up…

Frank Miller


Amen to that!

This one is a combination of two pieces I found online plus one of my favorite Batmanesque quotes. I should be able to get it finished this weekend to see what the painted prototype will look like.

Updated with the post holiday pic. I can’t believe it took me this long to get to painting it.


this is awesome could you share the plan?

Can you share this plan?

Very nice!

Boyd Crowder!! Love it. And this use of vinyl in these applications.

And of course to the OP, terrific Batman design, use of the quote and symbol … and the circle framing. It comes together very well and strong enough that I could see 10 different people carve and paint it in 10 different ways and all work great.