Batman / Joker, Millennium Falcon, & Puzzle Guitar Frenzy

Hey ladies & gents, I’ve been getting my money’s worth out of the X-Carve this past year and wanted to share some of my work. As you can see, each of the guitars are at different stages of completion but I burnt through 2 Dewalt routers thus far just from the sheer amount of use I’m getting from the machine. Let me know what you think!






I have no clue how to play guitar but this makes me want to make one lol.

And, do you mean two sets of router brushes? Hopefully you didn’t just buy new routers.

Are those all presales? Love your work!

Thanks gents… Brian, actually I legit have had to buy two new routers. With the first one, the chuck randomly seized up on it and ended up cracking the housing then the second one flat out just died after about 6 months. The 2nd however, I took to a Dewalt service center and they’re either fixing it or sending me a new one right now but I didn’t want the machine down for that long so I bought a 3rd and then I’ll keep the repaired one as a backup.

Basically, I’m trying to just get a wide range of guitars done and photographed before I truly launch the business just so I have a diverse portfolio of capabilities. I’ve done zero marketing thus far, but once the Millennium Falcon is complete, I’m hitting the bricks hard to really get my name out there.


Buy some new brushes. They are cheap, take a couple minutes to replace, and save you a ton of time and money vs having to have someone repair the router for you. Search the forum for dewalt brush replacement. You’ll be glad you did.

Also, if you don’t mine me asking, what kind of colored stain are you using?

The puzzles are a-MAZE-ing. (Pun afterthought) …would love to see the Falcon completed… Great work!!

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Brian - I kind of lucked out with a cheap product I had zero hope of actually working. I bought FolkArt Ultra Dye from Hobby Lobby (local craft store) which comes in a rainbow of colors and is both concentrated enough to bring out deep color tones but also really easy to work with and clean up. The below picture just has the colors I could find in store but there’s another number of them I need to order online and start testing out multi color sunbursts / color blends.

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Thanks! I’ll check my local hobby lobby this weekend. I was going to try out some of the dyed stains from Lowes, but I’ll check this stuff out first…gotta love that 40% off from Hobby Lobby lol

I use this dye too… I highly recommend using a spray polycrylic over it, at least one coat to lock in the color. If you try to brush on a finish after this stain, it pulls color into your brush / top coat.

Thanks Chad, I’m glad you suggested that because I actually planned to clear coat that Batman guitar today and this would be the first full use of that dye on a guitar thus I haven’t had the experience of any expected color bleed issues.

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No Problem. It definitely bleeds. (I have the red and blue… blue didn’t seem to bleed as much)… but the red put a hue into the clear layer above it… :frowning: Nice work though!

Great work! I cant wait to see the Falcon completed