BB's first Christmas with the X-carve

So first Christmas with the x-carve which means family gets presents that happen to be my test runs. Learned a few things and the mistakes on them are obvious to me but hope the sister likes them. White oak boards 8x8. Acrylic paint with a clear shellac finish.


Looks like you are off to a good start. Nice carves.

Nice job. I couldn’t do that well when I first started

Thanks still trying to figure out why some of the lines were not as deep as the other, how to make the acrylic paint not bleed when I get a little messy and the best finish for little wall hangs like those. Though shellac would be good but I was not too impressed. Though I was able to finish them in a matter of hours and not days like my usual poly finish

Did you burn yours or was it acrylic paint like mine? If it was paint how did you ensure no slow in the Wood? Just a steady hand or another trick?

Also those do look amazing, and now I am jealous and hopeful that I can get there with my carves

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That’s the methods you describe on your website using mineral spirits correct? I had seen mo saying to use a sanding primer on the vbit video then paint then just sand it but I have not seen great results

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