Beer bottle openers

New DETROIT themed BEER Bottle openers. Made from popular and african mahogany. Designs carved out using easel and then in filled with resin, polished and finished with a clear coat


Looks great. I found the bottle openers at home Depot today and bought some.

Nice work, I have been wanting to make one of these.

What are you doing for mounting to the wall?
What resin are you using and where did you get it?


I found them on a site called for $1 each. It takes forever to ship but if your not in any hurry you cant beat the price

I used an expoxy resin from home depot, and seemed to work great. It come clear… but when mixing the resin with the activator i threw in a little acrylic paint and it seemed to do the trick. Ive tried nail polish but that didnt work too well.

To mount to the wall, the bottle openers have pre drilled holes to anchor, so just providing like a 3" screw to fasten.

Could you just carve a keyhole in the back and mount it that way? Would that be stable enough to withstand people pulling down on it to open their bottles? I am interested in trying to make some soon.

ya i think that would probably work too