BEER TAP - Is this possible?

I am making a beer tap for a client but before I promise the moon can the x-carve cut this out?

Shouldn’t be a problem. I can tell you from experience that small frame in white won’t hold up to everyday use, you may want to engrave that and color fill instead. If you look at this beer tap I did, the thin wood frame broke off after a few months.

Thanks Brian, Ok great. I’m not knowledgeable in cnc work. First x-carve project. Is there a place that can show me how to take this from Fusion 360, add tooling (Have no idea what to add) and bring into easel? There is so much info in here but haven’t found a definitive how to. You have any suggestions on maybe what bit to start with and finish with?

A 2 sided carve that I did for the Columbus Country Club.


We look forward to seeing the finished product. So far it looks incredible!

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Thanks, I decided to go this route since the daily use of the handle could cause breakage of the overhanging letters.

NEED HELP - Trying to figure out why setting up the paths in fusion it won’t carve out the letters. Anyone have any pointers?

Also trying to figure out how to do the rough pass then the finishing pass. Help there too woudl be good.

I believe I figured it out the letter cutting issue. My tool was to large to carve out the small spaces between the letters. Crossing my fingers this works out. If it does I’ll post some pictures of the progress.

Based on this tool path, does it look like it will not carve out the fine details corners? Any Suggestions?

What is wrong with my cam file that it starts carving the thing in mid-air? Not touching the wood at all?