Beer themed tasting coffee table

Using my SO3 with a laser attached, a buddy and I managed to get this engraved. I’ll attach the finished images when done. Bonus points if you don’t have to google Reinheitsgebot.

I almost wish the SO3 had an expansion. :frowning: Hey inventables, want to send me a X-carve 1000mm to etch one really large photo? :smile:

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I’ve been looking at getting a laser from robbosavvy in the uk. looks like a good result. Just wondered if you have a picture of your setup and what laser you have.

How long did it take to complete? have you got any more examples that you have done?

Cheers Gav

Here are some examples done on our Shapeoko 2 using the same J-Tech laser kit robbosavvy sells.

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Yeah, here is a video of the machine singing away.

I have a laserInk kit. It is pretty much similar to j-TechPhotonics system. Diode in mine is 3w with 3 element lense. laserInk has 2 fans, that blows onto a heat sink and directed downward to clear smoke from laser. I’m not sure what is better.

Whenever mine goes out I’ll look into either a 6 watt or CO2 system.