Before I make this a boat anker

The X-Carve stops responding at random.

The X Controller will simply stop responding at random times. I will shut everything down, restart everything, including the browser and re-gain communication. Click carve and verify that the X Y and Z responds. after a few moves the machine will stop moving. I’m still connected to the X controller but nothing happens.

I have tried a new cable, Updated firmware so that’s not it. The motors just stop responding at random times and I am still connected.I have to shut everything down and start all over then the motors will start moving again, for a short time then suddenly they stop responding.

any suggestions???

Do you have a dust boot? Static electricity from the vacuum can disconnect your communications. Other devices on the same circuit as your controller can also create interference. Try to remove the dust boot if you have one and try to connect the XCarve controller on a separate electrical circuit. Adding grounding wire to the frame, the vacuum hose (wire around in the tube all the way from one end to the other then to your ground should also help dissipate most of the static charge. A powered USB hub can also help in some cases. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the suggestion but no, I don’t use a dust cover or vac hose.

I have used this machine on and off for a few years now - This is a new issue, different than the normal communication issues I have with it every time I use it. The X controller shouldn’t be that sensitive to static. If it is, then that is an issue Inventabels needs to address. Frustrating to say the least so I apologize early if I sound aggressive. I have 2 shapokos and a Home build machine and I dread using them every time simply because the time it consumes getting the X controller to communicate, once they finally work, they work good.

It’s not loosing communication, the “carve” button stays green. It just does not respond to X Y or Z commands after a short time. Almost like the “Unlock without Homing” isn’t working. But even hitting Home, sometimes it will home, sometimes it won’t. The last time it homed OK, I was able to move the X Y Z and get it into position, started the file and nothing. Disconnected, reconnected and still nothing.

Shut down the machine, the Laptop, restarted. Homing worked, movements worked, started the cut, nothing. the machine didn’t move, the green progress bar didn’t move, the “Carve” button is green. That’s as far as I have gotten with it. The time I spent I could have chiseled it by hand. This happens even if the spindle isn’t running.

Quick Question… Have you tried using a different computer/laptop to see if it does it again? I’m a IT tech and computers can be a silent culpret. Just something to try. If you try it and the problem goes away, you know where the proble is, if it keeps failing, then you know its probly the controller. Hope you get it figured out!

Thanks for the suggestion, but that was actually my first thought. The machine is connected to a computer running Win7 so I connected my laptop running win8.1 and same results.

It;s weird as it seems to only loose response to X,Y,and Z. Other times when I would have communication issues, the “carve” button would turn blue if it lost communication but that doesn’t happen here, the button stays green. I can also flash the firmware with no issues but the X, Y, or Z movement is non-responsive.

After more messing, this seamed to happen most when raising the Z. I could get it into position, confirm home > Raise bit and the Z would go up about 3mm and then nothing. Next time I get a chance, I will open the box up and make sure nothing is coming loose.