Beginner trying to Home

Hi, I have my machine set up and when I checked the step motors through Easel set up they moved correctly according to the arrows. The next step is to set up the Homing switches. I click the button and I get a split second “grunt” from a motor on the spindle then nothing…I would think that if the motors are behaving property on the test then they are connected correctly. What would prevent my machine from performing the homing sequence. Thanks

Your switch is wired incorrectly, so that it shows as pressed when it’s not.
Can you double check the wiring on the switches?
Any chance you started homing with the Z-axis already pressing the switch?

Most switches have three pins, but only use two of them.
One is ground (GND) and always used (Voltage reference)

The other two are:

  • Normally Closed (NC) which = the switch is ON when the lever is not triggered
  • Normally Open (NO) which = the switch is ON when the switch is triggered

The switch is typically labeled GND/NC/NO.
Make sure the pins GND/NC are used and GRBL parameter $5=0.

So I checked the switches and the x axis was incorrectly wired. So I was able to start the HOME and when the spindle reached the top it did not stop…the switch failed…I checked the wiring but it seems to be correct. I am so new to all of this so any help is much appreciated.

I have to apologize…what you are saying is foreign to me…According to the directions, the red wire is on the center post and the black wire would go where the hinge is located. Initially I had put the red wire on the x axis on the wrong prong…I fixed that and the machine began to home until the spindle when all the way to the top and did not stop.

Open the machine inspector in Easel.
Machine–>Advanced–>Machine Inspector

You should see little status circles for the switches. With your hand, press the switches. Do they work?

The status circles will turn green if the trigger is registered.