Beginners question: bit change during carve

When I do a 2 bit carving, does Easel (pro) stop when it’s time to change the bit and proceed afterwards or do I have to split the Gcode file into 2 separate files?

If you have it set up for a 2 bit carve it will carve what the first bit can do then go back to x and y zero for your bit change. Then select the second bit and rezero the z axes after the bit change.


Great, thanks! Ready to run the first little project…

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Whyle we are at it, can I somehow choose the order of things? For example, one of the things I like to do is making panels for electronics or flight simulators. A bit like the example on this picture. I would like to engrave the text first (with a small 15 degrees V-bit) and after that cut it out with another bit.

I use 3mm thick white acrylic, spraypainted with a primer and 2 layers of dark grey paint. The idea is to carve away the paint with the V-bit. So carving first and cutting out as a second step. Would that be possible or do I need to make 2 separate files for this?

You can do it the same just run the vbit first then the cutout last.

That easy, will do, thanks for your help! :+1:

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You have to place the cut out in a separate job as I remember 2 stage wants to do the cut out with detail bit which would be the V bit.
Maybe Easel has changed since I remember.

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To reiterate what Mark said… you’ll need to put the vbit design on a seperate project from your endmill or it will also do all of your perimeter cuts using the vbit…

You can. See how the desig is split up in this video about making these trays…

This actually uses 3 seperate jobs to get it to do what I want, you can do those panels in just 2 jobs.

But what I see in the Pro settings is that you can use another bit for the detail run… Like @WayneHall said. Is that the difference between the free and pro version?

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No, the free version can run a 2nd endmill for smaller details… however the v bit option is Pro only

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