Belt assembly help

Is it possible all the L brackets for the belt assembly are cut wrong, i.e., the holes are cut improperly? Am I better off just going to hardware store and buying new screws?![image0|375x500]

The screw that is not in yet needs to go in first then put the bottom one in.

No matter which you put in first the result is the same. Heads are too big or holes on bracket drilled wrong.

I just put one together a couple months ago and the long bolt needs to go in first then you should be able to wiggle the smaller one in.

Tried for about 30 min. I even shaved the head off one of them. No GO.

Not sure what to tell you. One sits right over the other but they are made to fit,

According to customer service, the L brackets were machined (drilled) improperly. I find it hard to believe that all 6 are wrong. But they are sending new parts. They said it’s happened before.

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Years ago I ordered some open rail and got extra screws like this. They would help in this matter.

Thats what I need! Thank you so much Martin! I’ll cross my fingers that the new brackets work but I’m 99% sure they are not the problem. I’m just kinda stunned this is happening at all.

Is there enough room to reverse the long bolt and put the nut over the top of the shorter bolt ?

I inserted the longer screw prior to installing the bracket, then put the smaller screw in as far as I could, then with 2 pairs of needle nose pliers, jiggled them both till the smaller one dropped in. That works for all of them.

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