Belt Bracket

I’m stuck at assembly, I think.

I’m on the Belting step, and I’m missing the final bracket. I have a similar bracket, read ahead and don’t see that bracket anywhere. Maybe I got a miscut bracket?

Looks like they bent the steel in the wrong place.

I’d just contact support and just get a new one. If you’re impatient, you could bend it yourself, but be careful not to damage the belt.


I see that now that u say it. Could I install the bracket as is? I was thinking the photo, and use the other bracket with the tightening bolt

I would not. That won’t properly hold the tension. I’m sure they’ll get one to you fast.
Like I said, if you want to run it while you wait, just bend that one to match the others.


Also ran into this mis-bent bracket on my build today. Contacted support (on a Sunday no less) and they immediately shipped out a replacement overnight.

Truly great customer service!

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