Belt slipping every time I try to measure tension

I’ve got myself a hook scale and I’m trying to tension my Y axis belts to 5lbs on each side, but every time I get it tight and pull up an inch with the hook, the belt slips through the little collar and lets all the tension go.

I’m certain I have the collar set up properly, but maybe someone has some insight into this.

I’m attaching a couple pictures so you can see.

This is how I have my belts normally set up - the thin end of the collar is on the right side and the sleeve is pushed right up to the bracket.

I was wondering it maybe pulling the sleeve toward the end of the length of slack would help keep things in place for when I’m pulling up to measure the tension, like this:

Any thoughts? Should I just wrap some electrical tape around it and shut up?

I believe you have the belt threaded through the clip incorrectly.


Might want to add small zip ties also. Just make sure you have the belt threaded through the clip correctly first. Keep the fastening as close to the clip as possible.

The screw now adds pressure on the belt. Mine has never slipped. No zip ties.

I could have sworn I had done it the way the instructions said to…am I really dumb?

You Did!

As per Inventables assembly instructions you have it correct. See photo below from their web page. BUT if it is not working try the other way OR as suggested use small cable ties. Should work as you have it but no harm on setting up differently.

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I didn’t use the Inventables instructions. I watched a series of build videos from " New Brit Workshop".

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I know that guy - maybe I’ll switch over tomorrow if it’s not going to present any new issues. I can’t see why they don’t use this method as the official one!

Your method actually didn’t prevent the slipping, so I stuck a zip tie on every belt end and that did the trick. Just need to do the Z-Axis now and I think I’ll have a near perfect machine :sunglasses:

How tight are your belts?

~5lbs @ 1" now

It’s tough to get exact results, let alone perfect matches between belts, especially when you’re holding the weight hook with your hand and it’s not so steady. But it’s functioning very nicely, I cut a bunch of circles yesterday and they were excellent.