Belting Assembly

i am assembling my X-CARVE 2.0

quick question on the belting assembly the core components show the need for 3 of the Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 25, as i am assembling i thinks i need to have 6 total one for each end of the belt… the picture shows only one per setup. am i missing something here


I wondered the same thing, if you go by the instructions it is only for the tensions side and the other ends get a t nut, i personally went and bought a few m5 screws and attached the other end.

from what it looks like one end is anchored and the other is the tension… I’m gonna make both sides tension so to the hardware store i go

You can go the two per axis route but you only need one. One sides belt clip gets securely tightened into a tee nut and the other side is the adjustable tension side.

It will work just fine with only one side having the 25 mm screw. The main purpose of that screw is to allow for tensioning, you secure them in place with the tee nuts.


Ran into the same thing during assembly, the description doesn’t match the photos, the number of screws doesn’t match what’s needed. I put screws in everything.

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I’m trying to assemble the belts, w/belt clips and “L” brackets. The 2 screws that should go in here don’t fit because the screw heads are to big. So customer service says the L brackets are probably machined wrong… all 6 of them? Anyone else run into this?