Belts missing from materials/box can I continue building past belt section?

My Rails box is missing the belts (it not in the others either). I started my build and did not realize I didn’t have them until I needed them. Do you think it’s possible to continue the build and wiring and then complete once I get the belts or should I be at a full stop?

Thanks, excited to get going!

Thank you! I have gotten to that point and want to continue on with the wiring and trying to confirm if that will be a problem (meaning will it make installing the belts after the wiring is done impossible?). I would like to finish everything today while I have time if continuing is possible and focus on the belts when they arrive.

Yeah you should be able to do everything today, belts can be put on last no problem

Awesome Thank you!

Just put a piece of tape on the steppers to verify direction when running. In this case it is an advantage to verify without the belts that both Y motors run into the same direction.