Belts upgrade?


I had a little issue the other day, the machine lost steps skipped off the work piece and the dust boot dropped down stopping the machine moving on the x axis. The belt then ripped and well now it needs a new one.
I’ve ordered up some more GT2 belt but I’m wondering if it’s worth an upgrade. I seem to remember seeing some people have gone to GT3 belt.
What would people recommend? I’m in the UK so it’s a little bit harder to get hold of parts.


Going to wider (9–10mm wide) GT2 belting doesn’t cost any positional accuracy.

Getting better quality belts (bought mine from SDP/SI) helps also.

i recently got 9mm GT-3 belts. Maybe thats overkill for some but I also ordered a heavy set of nema23s so rather be safe than sorry

Well i’ve splashed some cash.

they look the business, just hope they will be up to the job. I regret now havn’t ordered the machine with the Nema 17 but at the time i didn’t know any better.

You can defiantly see the diffrence with the GT3 belt.