Ben Franklin Ladder Chair made with Xcarve

Not all CNC furniture has to be modern in design.

Ben Franklin Library Chair for a customer,

touch ups, finish sanding and clear coats need to be done. Pictures of the finished product to come.

(don’t ask me to share the file, I designed the chair from pictures and plans I found online…the geometric of a transforming chair was super fun)


Good job. Well done

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I always thought purple heart and Ebony would be amazing together on furniture like this, Purple Heart is 33 bucks a board foot here…They won’t even quote me on Ebony lol

also, I’m afraid I don’t ship to warm beautiful climates like your neck of the woods
…(only because of pure jealousy of course lol)

I keep asking every time I go in…Hows the Ebony prices today? (more than you can afford is their respond now lol)

Can you share the file? :rofl::rofl:


OK so @AngusMcleod my wife has noticed this post and has requested a Purple Heart Ladder Chair for our kitchen lol. Also she’s asking to come along to the hardwood supplier to choose the secondary wood color…

Damn me for leaving my browser open on this page last night lol.

So unless I manage to distract her with something shiny in the near future, you may get to see a version in Purple Heart…

lol, I think it’s pretty funny, she is the one who quite often pushes me to try new ideas, things that she see’s on the net or out while shopping, shows me a pic on her phone…“you should make that!”

She saw the post and said “I like the cut of that mans jib, that’s a good idea, you should make that for me”

Happy wife, happy life is how I operate.

I just priced Purple Heart on Tuesday. 4/4 here in California is $6.99(US)/BF .

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Bookmarked this for the plans. I want to make this!

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We will be awaiting photos!

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