Bench sanders


My bend belt sander has died and it’s time to replace it with something better. I had one like this

Now my first reaction was to get something similar but then I thought again and looked at different types.
What would people recommend? I looked at the Ridgid oscillating edge sander but I don’t seem to be able to get one in the UK.

Mainly I’m glueing multiple bits of 1/2" birch ply together then sanding all the layers together. I thought the Ridgid would be ideal.


I have worked with both and though I do not have either now, (long story) my preference was for the rigid.
With my work habits and preference for smaller projects I rarely used the disc sander on the side and really liked the oscillating action of the rigid. The spindle option was useful at times depending on the need and switch over was straight forward. The large table was a plus too.

Have any friends “across the pond” that could hook you up?

Probably but shipping could be tricky. I’m over in Seattle in October but I doubt I can bring it back on the plane.

+1 on the rigid. Ive asked way more than it should tolerate, and it just keeps on going

do not trow it away.
I have a belt sander missing parts yours has.
If its not too expensive to ship the parts I need I would pay for them so you get some money back…

Why not just ship it to yourself using UPS, or buy on Amazon?

Sealy in the UK do a version of this, not sure of the quality though.

Tried Amazon, they won’t ship it to a UK address. :frowning: :thumbsdown:

I could try having it delivered to Family in Seattle then a UPS/DHL/whatever from them to the UK. I’ll look in to the costs.

@IanTinkler i’ve seen the Sealy one… it doesn’t look as good. The bed seems smaller and i’m not sure about the quality. The Ridgid is well recommended if i can just find a way of getting my hands on one. I’m going to see if i can get one in Europe which i won’t need to pay import tax on (well at the moment).


HUH? I thought there was a Amazon that operated from the UK (

What about just taking it to the airport and checking it as luggage. If you leave it in the box it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. International flights have free baggage check, don’t they?

its does but… the Rigdig isn’t sold in the uk or on Amazon UK.

It feels like Ridgid have an agreement or somthing that they won’t sell in to the UK market.

If you can swing it, I still think sending it to Seattle, and then shipping it directly to the UK via UPS, USPS, DHL or Fed-Ex is your best bet.

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