Benefits of Dewalt Router Upgrade

Does anyone here care to comment on the benefits of upgrading my SainSmart PROVer XL 4030 by adding the Dewalt 611 router. I’m new to all of this and have been using the stock spindle for a while. This spindle and the size limits of the available router bits for it seem to take a very long time to do anything other than very small projects.
I am assuming I could use larger bits in some cases. Would upgrading allow me to carve more area in less time if I was creating larger projects such as wooden signs and plaques?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

I have 3 cnc machines, one of which has a full size router and the other which have dewalt trimmers. The trimmers take a 1/4" shank bit, of which I’ve used up to a 3/4" straight bit for surfacing my work. I don’t know if the Sainsmart has the structural integrity to handle a trim router, but If it is a rigid machine, I’d investigate one as the bit choices would be worth the changeover. I primarily buy whiteside bits off of amazon.

Whiteside Router Bits 1404 Round Nose Bit with 1/4-Inch Radius, 1/2-Inch Cutting Diameter and 5/8-Inch Cutting Length - -

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