Bent ACME Lead screw

Hi everyone.
Im just assembling my x carve at the minute and noticed the ACME lead screw is bent.
I placed it through the bearing, placed the washer on put the pully on and tightened the set screws. Tightened up the m10 nylock nut. When I turn the pully by hand there is visible movement from left to right in the ACME lead screw. Should the lead screw have play in it after everything has been tightened up?
Any help is greatly appreciated

If it’s bent it needs to be replaced. Roll it on the table and see if you can see it wobble or if it rolls flat.

I’m just in the process of taking it apart now . I’ll let you know. Thanks for the fast reply

I can’t see anything obvious while rolling it on a flat surface:frowning:

can you shoot a video of it in operation or rolling on the counter top?

Check the lead nut? My first was drilled and tapped crooked.

Them set screws look very delicate in the pully I’m afraid I’m going to ring the threads

yes they are fragile be careful with those no need to go Abom on them

That looks fine.

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Think i just did:frowning:

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kidding lol

Think I’m ok. I think the allen key gave up first lol

oh thats good then were back on track!

Just put it back together and still the same :thinking:

That looks like play in the bearing to me. If you mount the spindle mount you should be able to see if still moves.

I’ll mount it on tomorrow and see what its like. If I hold the darlin nut while turning the pulley I can feel the movement badly in the darlin nut . After doing a quick search I see lots of people having problems with them. … maybe its just me lol … its 3am here so im going to have another bash tomorrow with a fresh head ha. Hope its nothing serious after forking out over 2k :confused:

Customer service will take care of you. They are top notch!

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I call mine delrin sometimes acetyl

@AngusMcleod I have been calling it all sort of names last night. 99% of them are not fit to write in this forum lol.
I’m off to work for a bit. I’ll have another look when I get home.

I don’t want to hijack this thread because Alan has an issue that needs to be resolved so a simple Yes or No to my question will suffice and if more clarification is needed, feel free to PM me with that.

Does the Linear Z upgrade eliminate this issue from ever being a concern?

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