Best and cleanest method for doing an image trace of a photo in easel?

Anyone have any suggestions for a cleaner cut when doing an image trace on Easel? Every photo I try to download comes out not so clean eve after I make adjustments to the threshold and smoothing settings. Not sure if Im just stuck with what I get because maybe Easel is not the right program to use, but any help would be appreciated.


Got an example?


Thats just one example, that is suppose to be 4 dogs

I meant an example image…I can see why you wouldn’t want the results from that, though.

Do you have the original image that you traced?

I don’t know that you’ll be able to do much with that image.
You could use Inkscape to get a greater range of depth, but I don’t know that it’d get you anything usable.

What would you do to finish a carved piece with an image like that?

Thanks Neil. I havent used any other type of program, this was just one example of an image, every photo I try to trace, it seems to have this same issue. Maybe ill try Inkscape.

Appreciate the help

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