Best bit for signatures

I’m fairly new to the cnc world. I bought a used x-carve (still works great) from someone and they gave me some extra bits. I currently have a 1/16 downcut, 1/16 upcut, and 60 degree v bit. I have a couple of others but these are the best ones I have currently to carve a signature. I’m working on a charcuterie board with my grandmother’s signature as a gift for my mom but wanted to reach out on here to see what would be the best bit (doesn’t have to be based on what I currently have) for the signature and any recommendations on cut settings and speed would be greatly appreciated as well.

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On my easel rendering, it looks like a 30 degree v bit would look good. i’m not fully sure where i want to place the signature on the charcuterie board. i plan on filling the signature with colored epoxy as well.

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Vbits are best for detailed work like that, for sure!

Any specific one better for a signature?

It’s really dependent on the size and the desired depth. Also, the steeper the vbit angle the more forgiving it is to the workpiece top surface not being set perfectly parallel to the cncs plane of movement. A 30deg will be more forgiving than a 90deg, the 90 would show the error more than a 30 or even 60 would… I would use a 30deg.

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