Best bit for this work

Hello - I’m making a flag for a friend, I typically use a 90* v bit for the stars and like the results, any suggestions on the bit for the “Army” logo?? I have the usual endmills - looking for the “best” tool for the job though. 90* - 60* or a endmill?? I set the depth to full for clarity, I was thinking the depth would be between .08 and .125. I plan of running a test piece to make sure it works - thanks for the advice!!!


You could do the whole thing with a V bit, but I’d run the stars pretty deep (depending on how thick your material is) and the logo pretty shallow.

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The V bit will give you good clarity. For the fine work on part of the Eagle, a sharper V bit would probably work better.

That said, you have a few large areas in the eagle where the V bit would probably not be best such as the top of the shield and the banner areas above the wing. You might want to consider doing part of the design with a flat end mill. The Easel simulator does a good job to let you see what you might expect.

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