Best bits to use

I’m making custom puck holders and am looking for the best bit to use to carve out the holes, they’re 3” diameter by 5/8” deep. I tried using a 1/4” straight bit but doesn’t seem to work that well… I’m using a 1000mm Xcarve. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

I just cut an oval shape about 7" long and 1.5" wide by 1" deep. It took about 10 minutes with a 1/4" straight bit with a .20" stepover and .125 DOC. I don’t use Easel, I use CamBam to create the G code and the UGS to control the router. Feed rate was about 45 IPM. It came out really clean too.

I’m kinda new to the machine and Easel. What does the stepover % mean?

The stepover is the percentage of the diameter of the bit that the cutter offsets over to clean out a rout. Normally it is 50% of the diameter, but I usually take a shallower depth of cut, so I push it a bit more. So .20 is 80% of the diameter of the .25" bit. By not taking a full. 25" stepover, it doesn’t leave any wood fuzz on the bottom. I’m also using a Whiteside bit…which is about the best quality you can get in the US.

So I should upgrade my 14/“ straight bit and set a .20” stepover?

I would get a good quality bit and see how the result comes out as is before you go and start changing things. You get what you pay for with router bits. I’ve found that Whiteside, CMT, and Freud work best for me. What is your Easel set up?

I’m using 1/8” standard mill bit to cut the lettering and logo and 1/4” straight bit for the holes. The 1/4 feed rate at 45 in per min and plunge rate 15 in per min…

How deep is each pass?

I have it set to .125 for 1/4” bit and .0625 for 1/8” bit